About me

Welcome to my own little corner of the internet! I’m M, I pour my heart into mothering our two kids; I’m a book addict and a lover of airports and traveling; and I can quote most episodes of FRIENDS word for word.

My husband and me

A little about my special people that I spend my days with. My husband: a software engineer, my best friend, and a good man. Little Miss (9), who is constantly creating wonderful art pieces or mothering her baby brother. RT (2): this little man is always on the go and has me wrapped around his little finger tight. He has a smile and giggle that will melt your heart. My family is my heart, my world.

The blog

I decided to start a blog as creative way to document and share our homeschooling journey with family and friends and to encourage and inspire other homeschool moms out there.

I’m happy you’re here and hope you stick around! If you want to get in contact you can email me at