2021 Curriculum

This year is our 7th year of homeschooling, and what an incredible journey its been! The curriculum is one of my favorite things to talk about, and I love sharing what we use. I hope to help others see what all is out there because there is A LOT. I’m pretty excited about what we selected for this school year! (We started this school year a couple of months ago to show a few examples of the lessons)


I love to use this time for our Habits/Character, History, Science, Bible, and Read Aloud. (I alternate science and history to every other day). The kids drink their daily smoothies and eat breakfast while I read for each subject.

Habits and Character

“Get rid of the weeds, and foster the flowers.”

-Charlotte Mason

It’s essential to my husband and me that our children are well-rounded and respectful adults with manners and wholesome values.



This year we are studying Mammals, Ecosystem, and the Human Body part 1 with The Good and the Beautiful. They have such marvelous choices for science.

Map of the animals and their location from TGATB
A little sample of a lesson

Most science units come with extra materials such as books or kits.

* You can find free samples of everything on their website. They even offer a free Marine Biology unit!

Our vocabulary wall- I’m working on ways to make it more aesthetic.


We are using TGATB History 1, which covers the following:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • The French & Indian War – Revolutionary War
  • The Victorian Era. The history of flight. The cold war era.
Little Miss’ presentation of the Nile River she made on her Ipad.


First Start French is a beautiful curriculum for beginners. The lessons are short and straightforward, and it comes with a DVD if you need help pronouncing anything. We haven’t done too much of this, but my daughter is pleased with it.

Bible and Read alouds

With time and my sons’ patience allowing, I get one or the other of these topics. The read-aloud gets swapped out and replaced with other books after we finish with the selected.

Affiliate links provided for your convenience. See Disclosure

*The Good and the Beautiful also offer a free download of clean and trustworthy books along with their library of wholesome books. You will never have to worry about what your child is reading again.

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible is new for us. Still, I wanted something a little more aesthetically pleasing since my daughter and I are both very visual people, and this bible checks all of the boxes. With charts, photos, maps, and notes, it makes it very reader-friendly!


For Math, we are doing level 4 with The Good and the Beautiful. Every day, she does her daily dose as pictured, then we move on with the main lesson. I am SUPER excited about their new Simply Good and Beautiful Math. Little Miss finished level 3 way before the new release date, so I snagged an old edition until then.

*The Good and The beautiful levels are advanced so it is recommended you take their placement test.


For typing, I decided to give The Good and the Beautiful typing a try. I love how it entwines spelling and grammar. It also includes lovely artwork, poetry, and quotes. It is a highly affordable and beautiful curriculum. After they finish a portion, they put a sticker of completion! The lessons are short and are easy for a child to do alone. All I need to do is the timing of assessments.  


Little Miss is doing level 4 handwriting of The Good and the Beautiful, and she LOVES it! Its new rainbow cursive is so creative! Your child follows the steps in rainbow order to create the letter. They also include some activity at the bottom of each page. Perfect for a creative child.


Little Miss is on level 4 of the language Arts, which includes:

  • Art
  • Geography
  • Grammar
  • Literature
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing

It is a very open and go curriculum and emphasizes good character and values. In level 4, it starts to teach the child more independence with their work. I have a tiny little box I read a day and possibly be a little more involved, then I’ll check her work. It takes her about 15-20 minutes to complete.


Co-op classes my daughter has include geography and lifestyle about different cultures. They discuss ideas and opinions and have hands-on activities. She also has other lessons about plants, soil, and the water cycle.


This summer we will introduce this unit gently to Miss 9. We absolutely love the topics they go over in TGATB Maturation and Sexual Reproduction unit.

That’s a wrap of this year’s curriculum! I’d love to know what you are using for this year. Please message me with questions!