We all need a little Hygge.

I love creating a warm and cozy space for my family during the cold, drizzly months that autumn and winter bring, especially since we are a homeschool family and find ourselves home a little more. I think that’s why autumn and winter are my favorite months, because I always long for that coziness feeling. A fire in the wood stove, shorter cooler days, knitted blankets, bread baking, and my special people all cuddled up on the couch. There is a word for this happy feeling; the name is Hygge.

“Hygge is all about being in the moment, feeling completely relaxed and centred, letting go of the hectic world around you, either alone or with loved ones. Hygge time in Scandinavia is enjoyed after a busy day of activities. No phones and computers allowed in those magical moments.” — Ole Henriksen, quoted in Vogue (Australia), 12 Aug. 2018

I believe that applying Hygge to our homeschool during these months is what keeps me from feeling down. I wanted to share some very simple ways for anyone who might need some encouragement and motivation. Homeschool or not, I promise that little bits here and there are a real mood booster, especially for any mamas that are home most of the day.

How I include Hygge in my homeschooled home environment


I usually like to workout in the morning. If I am not able to finish my usual 30-40 minute workout, then I’ll settle for even 15 minutes of gentle yoga or a walk around the block. Anything will make me feel put together. Working out in the morning relaxes me knowing I have moved my body somehow, especially with all they comfort food that this time of the year brings.

Rise slowly

For our family, we love to have cuddle time in the morning when we all wake in our big family bed. The best time is on weekends, when my husband isn’t working and we all slowly wake up together and cuddle while we discuss any plans for the day.

Oil diffuser

Sweet, spicey, and pleasant aromas that fill my home. My favorite go to oils are:

  • Christmas spirit
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla
  • Thieves
  • Orange
  • Spearmint
  • And Peppermint


Finding a balance between being inside and outside is really important We love taking a stroll in the golden sun. Holding hands with my husband while we watch our kids go ahead and crunch all of the crisp leaves. We try really hard to take the time to slow our walks so the kids can observe their surroundings, collect mossy sticks, count birds nests, or search for acorns.

Nature drives

Bundling up in our warm hats and coats, some knitted blankets, and hot cocoa, we pack the kids in the car for a nature drive as a family. Making stops to breathe the fresh air and being thankful for that moment. Nature drives and getting out to walk make for a gentle nature study.


Fresh homemade bread and soup, please. Cooking is a great family activity to do together. Mac and cheese, homemade butter, or chocolate chip cookies. We enjoy the memories we make in the kitchen together. Dinner time at the table, soft music, meaningful conversations, and candles or flowers that were picked by our sweet child’s hand. Clean up can be a fun family activity, too.

Warm beverages

Hot chocolate, tea, cider, and eggnog are popular beverages in our household during the cold months. My daughter loves when we do tea time and get dressed up in fancy clothes, hats, and gloves. It’s such a big bonus when we are able to have friends and family join us for tea time.


Whether it be knitted, homemade quilts, comfortors, or weighted. Any kind really. Cuddling on the couch with my loves while reading a good book or as we watch a family movie with warm blanket in our cozy home is magical.


School books sprawled on the floor, sipping cider all while the warm fire crackles and we listen to the wind whistle outside.


Books. Books. Books. Did I mention books? Books hold a special place in my heart, and it fills me with happiness knowing my children are surrounded by so many wonderful reads. I still dream that one day I will have a home library like the one Belle has in Beauty and the Beast.


I like to play soothing music during school time, when my youngest will let me turn off “when the wheels on the bus go round and round”. Some of my favorites:

  • Tim Janis
  • Kenny G
  • Anything Celtic
  • AnythingNative American
  • Any Christmas music
  • Paul Cardall
  • Classical

Fairy lights

We love stringing fairy lights throughout the whole house. Our house would look like the Griswalds if my husband allowed me to have that many lights.


Simplify our school days time to time by taking out a subject for the day, taking a break, or just simply making our schedules less busy. I try to give myself a little grace when things do not go as planned.


Comfortable clothing

Sweat pants, my husband shirts, leggings, sweaters (sadly, I get warm very easily, so sweaters aren’t common for me) and fuzzy socks. I’m a legging and bra off kind of gal when I’m at home.

Battery candles.

Oh, how I love candles, but a lot of them give me a headaches and I have a very rambunctious two year old. Battery candles have just the same warm glow as the real ones and I dont need to worry about my son around them!

These are my tips for creating a Hygge environment in your home and/or homeschool.

Bringing hygge to your homeschool or home, whether it be a big or small change is to bring light and cheer into your life when you might need it. What might be considered Hygge for me might not be for you and that’s ok! Make your life magical and meaningful. We all need a little Hygge in our lives

I’d love to know how you add Hygge to your home and/or homeschool!


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